About Us

About Us

Founded in 1998, Harris ICT has a long history of developing applications for businesses. We’ve built websites for our clients, as well as custom desktop applications and enterprise applications. We take considerable pride in our range of services, which includes business intelligence, web portals, SharePoint Solutions database applications, mobile app development and much more. Our goal is to meet the needs of today’s businesses through the application of leading-edge technology and industry best practices.

Who We Serve

Harris ICT is proud to work with businesses in all sectors, industries and niches. Our clients come in every conceivable size, ranging from international leaders like Motorola and Honeywell to local businesses operating here in Brisbane. Regardless of whom you are, where your company is located or what you produce or develop, we can help you reach your goals.

How We Can Help

At Harris ICT, we’ve developed a robust list of services and solutions to fit the needs of any business. Whether you require web hosting, mobile app development, business intelligence or the development of enterprise solutions, we offer full or part-time, fixed or time-and-materials system/software development options to fit your needs.

Harris ICT can analyse your business, determine the next steps to move your company forward and develop the ideal solution to grow your company and offer stability and profitability.


Matthew Harris
Matthew Harris / Founder, CEO

Matthew has been the IT industry for more the 15 years.