Mobile Apps

At Harris ICT, we take considerable pride in developing custom solutions to help our clients move their businesses forward. One of the most important considerations for companies operating in today's world is the design and development of mobile apps.

Mobile is the way forward - your customers are mobile. Your vendors are mobile. Your suppliers are mobile. With a custom-developed app from Harris ICT, you can boost performance and productivity on the part of your sales team, as well as much more. Mobility offers access to robust features, in-depth information and the ability to communicate directly with clients and customers at any time of the day or night, even if they're located a world away.

The Differences in Mobile Apps and Mobile Sites

Mobile websites are important tools for business growth. They provide your clients and customers with the means to access important information from your site, even if they're on the road. However, mobile apps are very different creatures and provide a very different set of benefits.

Harris ICT can develop mobile apps for any type of end user, whether you're in need of productivity solutions for your sales force or an app to better connect with your customers and clients around the world. Apps offer interactivity, are capable of complex calculations, and offer native functionality across all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows).

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