SharePoint Solutions

Today's businesses need the best in terms of content and document management solutions. At Harris ICT, we can develop SharePoint portals that offer a wide range of capabilities and features. Utilizing the leading global web application platform also ensures compatibility and ease of use for staff already familiar with this framework.

We can offer our clients:

  • Business Intelligence Dashboards and Reports - Collecting, maintaining, collating and accessing organization data are vital for success, stability and growth. We can provide SharePoint portals featuring easy to use yet powerful dashboards and in-depth reporting for instant access to and understanding of business data.
  • Document Management - Document management is a very real concern for businesses, and only becomes more important as your business grows. With a SharePoint portal, you can manage, organize and collate your documents in any way you need.
  • Records Management - Business records comprise a vast amount of different data, from business tax information to customer contact details. Let us help you ensure accurate on-going records management.
  • Collaboration Tools - From project management to department operations, collaboration tools are the backbone of any business today. Use our services to ensure your staff has the ability to collaborate at all times, across all platforms.

We can develop the SharePoint portal your business needs - contact us today to learn more »